6 Best Electric Bikes

Living cannot be more convenient with electric bikes. In the fast-paced society of 2020, pedal assistance with high technology applications, developed eBike into versatile transport equipment, improves the lifestyle and daily activities people are dealing with.

Be it a ride to the nearest subway or travel from the highland countryside to the town. Ferrying kids from the school to home or deliver food and groceries from a corner to the other. For some who enjoy a thrilling and exciting ride in the mountain trails, some enjoy the leisure night ride under the beautiful lights of the cities. No doubt, e-bikes are important to today’s way of lives.

In this column, I will bring you through some of the e-bikes which are popular among most people in 2020.

1. Whyte Coniston High Gate

This hybrid electric bike is typically suitable for country trails, where people sometimes deal with travelling up the hills or down the slopes in the corner of the streets. Designed with an alloyed aluminium frame, the bike resembled the classic appearance with a tint of sporty features.

The battery-powered at 36 volts and 11.6 ah, giving the power of 418-watt-hour. With a single charge of the battery, the bike can last travel 60 km on slopes and highlands, while 83 km on a normal road.  The bike weighs 20.2 kg, including the battery. The bike had an output power of 250 watts continuously, with a maximum output of 500 watts.

Using Shimano STEPS SC-E6010 Display, riders can track the distance travelled and battery life usage.

2. G TECH eBike Sports

Another popular hybrid electrical bike, G TECH eBike Sports, is loved by commuters. It can be manoeuvred around easily to and fro the streets, beating up hills or going down slopes. Like Whyte Coniston’s Highgate, the body featured a classic outlook, but the sights of the sporty images are slightly lesser.

The bike comes with a detachable battery pack, shaped like a water bottle disguised the appearance as a battery pack. The battery-powered to 200-watt-hour, in a single charge, the bike can travel for 48 km. Weighing at 16 kg, G TECH eBike Sports is light weighted and can carry around easily. Charging of the battery takes approximately 4 hours to be fully charged up.

3. Giant Road E+1

The Giant Road E +1  is a great hybrid bike to ride with. This bike is very suitable for commuters who travel for daily activities, including going to and fro from school, food delivery services or groceries shopping. With its weight of 18 kg, the bike can travel to 80 km on a single charge.

The charging time of the battery took slightly longer, at 4.5 hours. Equivalent to Whyte Coniston’s Highgate, the Giant Road can output at 500 watts. The battery is made of lithium-ion, providing 36 volts and 13.8 ah to power the bike. The top speed of the bike can go at 25 km/h or 28 mph. I like the design personally as it had a sporty outlook, with the thick support as part of the body frame. So people who always hit the terrains for a sporty ride can also give a trail ride on the giant.

4. Riese & Müller Delite 25

Markus Riese and Heiko Muller, both German bike makers, designed the Delite 25 to mark its silver anniversary. The appearance is sturdy and tough. This design is made for strength and toughness as it is most suitable for challenging rides along mountainous routes and terrains.

The bike consists of two 500-watt Bosch dual battery system that can power the bike to a top speed of 32 km/hr. Moreover, the battery can last to a maximum range of 280 km, simply suitable for mountain bike riders who enjoy travelling long journeys and exploring the mountainous landscape. Moreover, it is not too heavy for a mountain bike, weighing 24.76 kg.

5. Focus Sam 2 Pro

Focus Sam 2 Pro is a stylish bike. The bike stands out with the charming paint spray cutting on the tyres, smudged with dirt from the ground. This bike is meant for the terrains.

Using Shimano STEPS E8000, the battery pack is made of FOCUS T.E.C, with the maximum output of 756 W., The output consisted of 378 watts integrated, with 378 watts as an option. The bike stood at the weight of 21.37 kg, much lighter than Riese & Müller Delite 25. Therefore, Sam 2 Pro is suitable for the younger generation, ranging from the late 20 s to 30 s.

6.Brompton Electric Folding Bike

Brompton Electric Folding Bike is the most relevant e-bikes for commuters staying in urban setups. The designer discovered the need for foldable e-bikes, as travellers often shifted over different modes of transport. For example, commuters folded their e-bikes while travelling on subways, high-speed rails or ferries across the river. The e-Bike is made easy by plugged on the battery bag onto the bike, and you are ready to go.

The battery has a capacity of 1.5 litres, but a larger 20-litres suitcase style bag is also available. The bike’s weight, including the battery, is 16.6 kg, considered in the light-weighted range for eBike. The bike is built-in with three assistance modes, cater to various needs of the rider. The top speed can be reached at 15.5 mph or 25 km/hr. The battery can last 80 km on a single charge. The charging time takes 3 to 5 hours to be fully charged. The output power is much lower at 200 watts. However, this is good enough to commute on a normal road in the city.