Best Electric Mountain Bikes

As the famous proverb says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Indeed, it makes me a dull boy too. So, if you are one who wanted to go for a thrilling and adventurous ride at the mountain behind the city over the weekend, or you are the one who enjoys the cool breeze among the greenery in the early morning, why not get yourself a mountain e-bike.

When it comes to selecting the mountain e-bike, the bike tires are part of the important criteria. Big and thick tires giving good traction and high stability; riding on it enhances the confidence of the bikers especially running through the high grounds. Next is the motor of the e-bikes. It is powerful enough to hit the uphill? Can it provide enough cadences to support riders on the trails? Finally, the most important thing to consider is the suspension of the e-bike. Jumping off high ground to a low spot, chasing the downslope, we love the effect of the suspension work.

With these, let’s see which best ten mountain e-bikes are for 2018.

1.Bulls E-Core Di2 FS 27.5+

Bulls E-Core Di2 FS 27.5+ is also known as E-Core “Integration” Di2 FS 27.5+ for the long term. This bike is super strong and durably made. Bulls, the popular German makers, designed this bike to sustain repeatable rides on the terrains. Such beautiful engineering is coupled with a strong framework, using 7005 Aluminium. The front is made using RockShox Yari RC 27.5+ Solo Air, 150mm, and RockShox Deluxe RT, 150mm for the rear. The length of the frame is a little shorter, keeping the biker closed tightly while taking a ride.

Travelling with Shimano E 8000 motor and 500Wh battery, a biker could run smoothly at top speed for a long distance. Using Magura MT5 and MT4 hydraulic brakes, necessary stopping power is provided to put the bike to a halt. Being fatter in design, Schwalbe Nobby Nic 70-584, 27.5” is selected as tries for this bike, providing better traction.

2. Pivot Shuttle

Shuttle at the pivot is what they called it. Pivot’s Shuttle is the better one ever to date. Why is it so? This bike supported the centre of gravity well. Built with a carbon frame, one of the light weighted bikes can ever be, at less than 20kg. The frame design is rather squarely, uniquely from most of the bike design. Coupled with striking blue, the bike is coated with one of today’s trendiest colours, giving a sporty yet modernized taste. The fork is fitted with Fox 36 Performance Elite 150mm and Fox Float Performance Elite 140mm on its rear.

Running with a Shimano E8000 motor and 500Wh battery, this bike can be mighty till you can race up the hills. But, no to be missed, it is also armed with XT M8020, 4-piston brakes and Maxxis Minion DHF 27.5” tires. Stopped the bike at high speed immediately at a lighter squeak.

3. Scott E-Genius 700 Tuned

Scoot E-Genius is a Swiss-made product, look charming and yet beautiful with the combination of the colours chosen. However, what is really unique for this E-genius is the bike feature with a Twin Lock system. It is an adjustable lever that enables tightening the fork and rear shock in 3 styles. Such is very much helpful when bikers are moving up slopes.

This genius is built on with Shimano STEP E8000 motor and powered at 504Wh. Attached to the front and rear are Fox 36 float factory 150mm and Fox Nude Evol Trunnion Mount 150mm. Being a great Shimano dealer, this bike also fitted with Shimano Zee brakes, which helps to zeeee the way down slowly. Armed with Maxxis Minion DHF tires, bikers could feel all the more secured seated on it.

4. Specialized Turbo Kenevo

Specialized made Turbo Kenevo, really designed this bike for great turbo. Looking at the bike’s geometry, we can see the centre frame is extended longer, expecting bikers to bend a little forward while taking the ride. However, this posture is extremely stable when bikers are charging downhill using Kenevo. Other than specialized ergonomic, this bike is taken to a higher level in its suspension.

The bike is built with Ohlins TTX coil and RockShox Lyrik RCT3 on the front. This allows shock control at 3 points, from the rear to centre, from the centre to the front, making this bike extremely stable on the high grounds. The bike is built with a removable battery-powered at 504Wh and ran on a Bosch 250W motor. Running steadily on Butcher GRID Gripton 27.5, the bike could halt anytime with SRAM Code R, 200mm.

5. Thok MIG

Thok’s MIG bike is one of the top choices for many mountain bikers out there. This is an Italian made product, full of nice components in the package, at a price affordable it offered. This looks exactly like a pizza. Like the Giant, this bike is built with a thick down tube attached to a battery pack. This is made to be the heavier part of the bike, enforce the greater gravity centre, enabling bikers to land steadily, jumping off high grounds to low spots. It is known that former bike racer champion Stefano Migliorini are invited to participate in part of the project to build this bike. Black as it is, the bike looks smart and sporty, like a black shadow flying past the greenery.

The bike is equipped with a Shimano system. Powered with Shimano E800 motor, 504 Wh battery and also Shimano Deore brakes. The front is attached with RockShox Yari RC 150 mm for suspension, and the rear is fitted with RockShox Deluxe R 140 mm. This bike also speeds with MAXXIS – DHR 27.5. Overall, this bike is a good value of money, worth some investment for bikers.

6.Giant Full-E+ 0 SX Pro

One of the most popular e-bikes of our time. Giant Full-E+ are built with ALUXX SL-grade aluminium. The frame is light and of high endurance, typically with the thick down tube. The bike runs on RockShox Lyrik RCT3 Dual Position 160 mm for the front and RockShox Super Deluxe RCT 140 mm at the rear. We see that it is much higher on the front. So, when it comes to landing, most of the centre of gravity will be between the saddle and the bike’s rear. Attached is Giant Energy Pack, built by Panasonic, which can power the bike to 500wh. We can also expect to get a ride of 45km on a one-time charge.

Other than that, Giant own manufactured sync drive promotor can kick the bike racing to a cadence of 120rpm. With the ability to run at such high speed, SRAM Guide RE brakes are used to stop the bike properly. The bike stood on Maxxis Rekon 2.8” tires. They may not be the toughest, but they are strong and durable enough to cover through the terrains.

7. Fantic XF1 Integra Enduro 160

This Fantic XF1 is so beautiful. The shape of the frame bent in the sharpest form, coated with a nice combination of colours, this bike stood shining at a glare. Not only this but the bike is also implanted with a battery that can power to 630wh. Being in line with the competitive market, Bosch S drive motor is also used in this bike.

The bike stood with a 29″ wheel with a 2.4″-wide tyre at the front to provide stable handling, together with a 27.5” wheel with a 2.8″-wide tyre providing the best grip at the rear. Using RockShox Yari RC 160 mm and RockShox Super Deluxe RL 160 mm, the bike can take any shocks and provide a smooth ride through. SRAM Guide RE are used as brakes to put to a stop if need be.

8. Rotwild R.E + Ultra

Rotwild, looking at the charging bull symbol and its fiery red colour, this bike is going to charge at high speed in all kinds of terrains. We may think that this must be a Spanish bull; however, it is not. This bull is built in Germany. Strong as it is, the body is constructed of a strong aluminium frame, attached with shock depressing device, Fox 36 float 27.5 at the fork, and Fox floats 3-pos DPS at the rear.

This bike is good for a cross country ride or going through the mountain. It had an integrated battery, Brose Drive S 648 Wh IPU. 660.R Carbon. Which can power to 618wah. Using Shimano XTR 9100, this bike can exceed 25km/hr. The bike is also installed with MAGURA MT Trail brakes. Firmly stood on the ground, the bike runs with Schwalbe Magic Mary 2.6″ tires, making it more stable for trekking on the mountainous ranges.

9. Moustache Samedi Race 11

The French made Moustache always give me the impression of how sexy they can be. However, Samedi Race 11 is other than sexy, and it also comes with a cute petite look. Some may say the wheels are a bit too big for the body, but some parts are meant to be a little bit of looking sexy.  Built with a carbon fibre frame, the bike may be a little lighter in weight. On the disadvantage, carbon absorbs more heat after some time in the sun.  The bike weighs 21.4 kg.

Fox 36 Float Factory 160 mm and own made, Mustache Grip Control Ultimate 160 mm controls the bike’s balance in any slopes and angles of the hills. Running with Maxxis Minion DHF/Rekon 2.8″ tires, Race 11 is motored by Bosch performance CX and a 500wh battery. Formula Cura-E brakes could put a powerful end to the ride, with a little squeak of halt. But, no doubt of the squeak, the bike can run at a top speed of 25km/hr.

10. Trek Powerfly LT 9 Plus

Trek electric mountain bike, Powerfly  LT 9, this charming fly armed with Fox 36 float performance 150mm in front and Rockshox deluxe RT3 150mm at the rear, enable the e-bike to fly powerful along with any angles in good suspension, making the bike high in endurance. Moreover, the sporty colour of the body fitted so well in any terrains.

Powered Bosch made 500wh battery and Bosch made motor, Performance CX, the fly can run over any mountain range for a good long time. The fly weighs only 22.4 kg, build with Alpha Platinum aluminium and stood on 2.8” Schwalbe Nobby tires. Shimano Deore XT M8020 enables the bike to halt steadily after running at high speed of 25 km/hr.

Here, on top, I got you the 10 powerful e-bike monsters. So, what is your choice? Do you like a bike with low maintenance and long-lasting rides? Do you like a bike that could run in high power and beautiful suspension works in any terrains? Or, do you like one with a sporty design with striking colours?